Team SFD (Sautter Family Dentistry)

“Take care of the patient and everything else will follow”

Julianna Scheduling and Insurance Coordinator

“A smiling ray of sunshine!” Of course that’s her husband’s view of Julianna, but we second it here at Sautter Family Dentistry. Julianna has a background in education and teaching. She has expanded on this skill set to use her creativity, organizational skills and patience required to be our Insurance and Marketing Manager. She is also a wizard at helping our patients schedule an appointment time that works best for them. Her pleasant disposition makes her a wonderful mother of 3 and loving wife to her husband Joe. Julianna is a Fort Mill native and very involved with her church. I’m sure you will love her as much as we do!

In their own words
Guilty Pleasure:
Pet Peeve:
Inconsistency and bad drivers
Favorite Local Restaurant:
Genghis Grill
Favorite Movie:
The Sound of Music...I’m an old soul!
Something I can't live without:
God, My Family and mascara :)
Jamie New Patient Ambassador/Director of First Impression

At SFD, a friendly face and a warm smile is the best way to welcome you to our practice. Jamie is the epitome of this. She is professional, courteous and ready to help answer any questions you have about your visit. In her free time, Jamie enjoys exploring new breweries around Charlotte and she can be found at local dog parks with her German Shepard/Husky mix pooch. Please be sure to greet her by name when you see her smiling face upon your arrival!

In their own words
Favorite Junk food:
Taco Bell, shhhhh…..
Favorite Cartoon growing up:
Spongebob…I may or may not still watch it (don’t judge)
Secret Celebrity Crush:
Mark Wahlburg…but it’s not secret ☺
Favorite sports team:
Long time suffering NY Mets and Giants fan ☹
Melissa Dental Assistant

Efficient, engaging and energetic! Melissa exemplifies all these characteristics. As Dr. Barry’s Dental Assistant, Melissa is responsible for helping on all dental procedures but most importantly, patient care and comfort. Her chairside manner is second-to-none and many patients come just to see her (shhh, don’t tell Dr. Barry)! Outside of work, Melissa is an avid gym rat and country music lover. This cow-girl knows how to work hard and have a good time doing it!

In their own words
Pet Peeve:
Running Late. Part of the reason I love my job is that we do a great job staying on time and not running behind!
Favorite Local Restaurant:
Newks, Smoke and Miro...can't chose one!
Favorite Charitable Organization:
Brain Injury Association of America
Cats or Dogs?:
Dogs...I have two and they are my best friends!
Something I can't live without:
Pearl earrings, sunny days and Nikes. Not necessarily in that order :)
Rachel Dental Assistant

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Rachel is a dental assistant by day and a mother of three boys by night. Needless to say, she can be quite a kick, and has some great stories to tell. She has almost 20 years of experience as a dental assistant in Charlotte and can be considered a jack of all trades. This makes her a great asset to our office and our patients enjoy her pleasant chair-side disposition. Ask her to tell you a story and be prepared to laugh.

In their own words
Weekend pastime:
Boating, hiking and anything outdoors
Odd fact:
once babysat a Turkey for a summer (regretfully)
Favorite Guilty Pleasure:
sipping wine in the hot tub (shhhhh…)
Madi Dental Assistant

Madi has been a welcome addition to our team in light of the Corona virus events of 2020. In addition to being a great chair-side Dental Assistant, she has implemented an enhanced and stringent sterilization and infection control protocol for our office to follow. Outside of SFD, Madi was a former competitive cheerleader and enjoys spending time outdoors being adventurous. Please help us “cheer” her on as she continues to set a great example of safe healthcare practices and procedures at SFD.

In their own words
Favorite Ballantyne Restaurant:
Potbellys…get the toasted Italian sub!
Favorite College team:
Auburn Tigers Football
Favorite Junk food:
Sour Patch Kids (don’t worry, I floss after)
If I wasn’t a Dental Assistant:
Oncologist- I would love to help people going through treatments for cancer
Sierra Dental Hygienist

One would describe Sierra as happy-go-lucky, fun-loving and spunky. Coming all the way from the West Coast to relocate in the Carolinas, Sierra is passionate about dental hygiene and her love of people. She is a people person through and through. Understanding what makes people tick and finding common ground to help provide dental services in a comfortable and friendly environment is Sierra‘s MO. We guarantee that you will enjoy her as much as we do!

In their own words
Favorite Food/Guilty Pleasure:
In-N-Out Burger- gimme some fries to dip in my shake and I’m a happy girl!
Favorite Movie:
Secret Celebrity Crush:
Tim Tebow
Favorite activity/night out:
Karaoke!!! (go to song: Your Man by Josh Turner)
Heather Dental Hygienist

From Canine to Canine, Heather is one of our dog-friendly Hygienists who embraces her role as an Oral Healthcare provider. When she and her husband are not playing fetch with their pup, Heather is a very thorough dental hygienist who takes pride in helping educate her patients for their optimum oral health. She comes to Charlotte by way of Greensboro and has made Ballantyne her home. Exploring new restaurants, local breweries and community events keep her busy in her spare time. As an advocate of Fluoride, ask her how your teeth will benefit and what’s her favorite flavor!

In their own words
Favorite Cartoon growing up:
TMNT…(if you have to ask, you’re not a true fan)
What’s on my DVR:
anything from Bravo Network. Mind numbing and entertaining ☺
Favorite Movie:
Pitch Perfect
Guilty Pleasure:
chocolate…and more chocolate
Ambra Dental Hygienist

If you need to phone-a-friend for a sports trivia question, then Ambra is your girl! Born and raised a proud West Virginian, Ambra is super competitive and loves all sports, most notably football. As a compassionate Hygienist, Ambra's ability to create a custom, health-driven treatment plan for her patients is second-to-none. While also a mother to her young daughter Kennedy, Ambra and her husband can be found listening to live music, spending time outdoors or searching for the best local, spicy cuisine. During your visit be sure to quiz her on college and pro football!

In their own words
Favorite Candy:
Zero Bar
Biggest fear:
Long lines and no bathroom!
Rock, Paper, Scissors?:
Dwayne Johnson
Favorite color:
Yellow but favoring blush pink….sassy!

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